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“It is my sincere hope that carrying a photo of your loved one on the reverse side of this unique charm or “dog tag” will be a cherished and comforting reminder that they are always with you--they’ve just gone to ‘the other side.’ ”

Thomas John, known around the country as the Celebrity Medium, is a gifted psychic sensation who has captured global audiences with his astoundingly accurate messages from “the other side.” Recognized as gifted since birth, he is currently the host of his own show, The Thomas John Experience, on CBS All Access. Thomas also starred in the Lifetime channel show, Seatbelt Psychic, that continues to gain in popularity on Amazon Prime.

In high-demand among select A-list celebs, influencers, and those at crossroads in their lives, Thomas continues to host sold-out public events around the country. Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, he is now bicoastal with homes in both Los Angeles and New York City.

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