About Us


The idea for ‘Circled By” ™ was sparked by LOTS of Angels from above, who then helped guide the idea into just the right hands and hearts to bring it to life. Three professionals from the varied worlds of media, jewelry, and technology with complimentary skills integrity and heart – initially created “Circled By”™ ...Angels to honor the important people we’ve loved in our lives and those you've loved in yours. (Pets included.) We then added “Circled By”™...Family (children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews) because luckily we have plenty of living Angels who surround us right here on earth.

Our “Circled By”™ laser engraved photo jewelry allows for us all to be “Circled By”™ one’ or ‘many’ faces of love wherever we go. Beautiful classy laser engraved photos that will last forever and forever make everyone smile. We love the idea of being ‘Circled By”™…Angels and Family. Don't you?