Theres MUCH more to the technology story behind our “Circled By"… charms . Our Partner and COO Bruce Ha, who produces these beautiful high resolution photo charms at his facility in Rochester NY. Is the smartest coolest guy we know. He makes many more amazing things. Check out NanoRosetta, LLC .NO OTHER TECHNOLOGY LIKE IT ON EARTH : 

Bruce Ha’s patented NanoRosetta® technology can preserve millions of bytes of your memories and data to last 300 lifetimes on a beautiful and meaningful medallion, coin, pendant or a collectible item – all on the size of a coin. This new and innovative technology can inscribe the entire Bible on a disk the size of a dime in in three minutes!


Most recently Bruce Ha put a library on the surface of the moon! Seriously.
He created “The Lunar Library” a time capsule that was just sent up in the first Israeli spacecraft mission to the moon. The “Lunar Library” will last for billions of years on the Moon, as part of the Arch Foundation’s mission to preserve and disseminate humanity’s most important knowledge across time and space.
Bruce Ha, who has over 20 years of experience in optical storage research and production has helped many companies such as Pioneer, Technicolor, and Kodak build world class facilities producing LaserDiscs, CD’s and DVD’s.