“The MOMMY Bracelet”

Circled By ™… Children

Your Kids. They’re pretty much everything.

Whether you’re off to work, or off doing what Moms do, you’ll always be able to keep your children near and of course show them off too. 

Of course, these are YOUR kids.

Warning: Your children may be extra loving when they see you wearing ‘ them’ .

Makes a Great Surprise GIFT!

‘The GRANDMA Bracelet’

“Circled By” ™…Grandchildren”

Guaranteed to Make All The Other Grandmas Jealous!

What Grandma doesn’t want to show off HER beautiful grandchildren?

Not one we’ve met yet!  LOL

We’ve seen grandkids photos posted on Facebook .

We’ve waited patiently while Grandmas scroll endlessly through their phones to show us their most adorable photos.

Now Grandma aka Nana /Nonna/ GiGi / GlamMa … Can pick the photos she loves best and have her grandchild or all her grandchildren to show off in one place all the time effortlessly!  On her arm!

Makes a really special OMG gift too!


 “The AUNT Bracelet’"

“Circled By … Special Nieces and Nephews” 

Aunts Matter!  A Very Special Gift Especially For Aunts Without Children Of Their Own. 

Aunts are notorious for letting kids do all the things their parents won’t.

They are wonderful people. They spoil you rotten. They keep secrets. They deserve this gift.